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What is Stable?
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What can I do with my mail once it gets to Stable?
What can I do with my mail once it gets to Stable?

You can have us open and scan your mail or forward it to another physical location. We can also deposit your checks.

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As soon as you receive a piece of mail, we’ll notify you via email or Slack at 9am ET. From there, you can click on the notification and see your mail in your Stable Dashboard. You’ll be able to see a scan of the envelope and who it’s from.

You can choose to either scan, forward, or shred your mail.


  • We will open your mail, scan it, and upload the digital copy to your dashboard.

  • Scanning is free and included in all plans — we recommend scanning all your mail so that you always have a digital copy!

  • If you’ve received a package and want to know what’s inside it, you can click scan and we’ll open the package and photograph the contents for you.


  • Have us ship your mail to another physical location.

  • Each time you put in a request, you can choose which physical address you'd like to send it to and which shipping method you'd like.

  • We support all forwarding methods with USPS and FedEx.


  • We try to filter out obvious junk mail, but if you see something you don't need, you can have us shred it right away.


  • If you've received a check, our system will detect it, and we can deposit it for you.

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