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Can Stable deposit checks sent to my address?
Can Stable deposit checks sent to my address?

We can deposit checks via mail-in deposits.

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Checks that are sent to your Stable address can be deposited directly into your bank account via mail in deposits. This is a secure method for check deposits that many of our customers use. We’ve helped deposit over tens of millions of dollars worth of checks!

We'll ask for your bank account number, and write it on the back of your check to endorse it. After that, we'll send it to your bank for them to deposit. We send it via USPS Priority Mail, and most banks deposit checks within a business day.

One-off check deposits are $20 each. We also have a monthly check deposit add-on that allows for up to 10 check deposits a month for $50/ month. If you receive 10 or more checks a month, contact us at [email protected] so we can set up a custom plan that can best fit your needs.

To set up check deposits, you can get started here. We'll just need some information about your bank, and setup will be complete within one business day. After that, whenever a check arrives for you, you can press "deposit" and we'll send the check directly to your bank.

​You can see all the checks you've received under Finance.

If you prefer to deposit checks yourself, we can also forward checks directly to you anywhere in the world.

We can support most banks except Brex and Mercury, as they don't accept mail-in deposits. We are currently working on an in-house instant deposit feature that will support all banks!

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