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As a new company, where can I use my Stable address?
As a new company, where can I use my Stable address?

Here's a list of common entities and vendors that many companies use their Stable address with.

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Did you recently form your company, or are you in the process of incorporating? If you are, here’s a list of vendors and entities that you may want to use your new Stable address with.

Federal Taxes


  • Incorporation service — If you’re incorporating your company with an incorporation service, use your Stable address when they ask for an HQ. We recommend using an incorporation company that can compliantly guide you through the process, like Stripe Atlas.

    • Stable users get a $200 off discount when incorporating with Stripe Atlas: sign up here

  • Delaware Certificate of Incorporation — If you or your legal team is incorporating your company, use your HQ address to file your DE C-Corp Certificate of Incorporation.

  • Your registered agent company — Let them know where your HQ is so they know where to send mail. Common registered agent companies are CSC, Wolter’s Kluwer, CT Corporation, and Harvard Business Services. You can also add a registered agent through Stable here.

State Taxes

If you’re a DE C-Corp and you plan to use your Stable address to register to do business in any other states, use your Stable address to register in that state.

This will also keep your residential address off of public record, protecting your privacy.

Department of Labor and Payroll

If you plan to run payroll for other employees (or just yourself), use your Stable address with the state's Department of Labor, your payroll provider, or your PEO.

Other common vendors

  • Use your Stable address to open a bank account

  • Use your Stable address for business insurance

As you sign up for new vendors and register with new government/ tax entities, you can use your Stable address as the address on file for all of them. Any mail you receive will be sent to Stable, and you can manage it all digitally. Using the Stable address also protects your privacy, as your residential address won't be on public state/ government records for your company.

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