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Can I use my Stable address for my bank account?
Can I use my Stable address for my bank account?

Many of our customers use their Stable address with their bank account.

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Many of our customers use their Stable address for their business bank account with financial institutions like Chase, Bank of America, SVB, Brex, Mercury, First Republic Bank, and more.

Some banks do have extra verification or particularly strict Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, and they may flag the Stable address for that reason.

This is usually because they want their customers to share an address associated with the physical space where day to day operations occur as part of fulfilling their KYC requirements, and this is frustratingly an issue that all physical and virtual mailboxes run into. Addresses are usually flagged at random, so your address may go through one day and not the next.

If your bank does not accept the address, we recommend doing a few things:

  1. Reformat the address without the "#" sign. Some banks associate this sign with a P.O. Box, which your Stable address is not.

    Instead, try using your unit number with "Suite," "STE," or with just the number.

  2. Some banks may ask for a proof of address document. You can find it under Proof of Address by clicking on your address on the Stable homepage.

    We've also found that other documents like business registration documents or tax documents can work as additional verification.

  3. In addition, we've found that the verification requirements are the most strict while opening a bank account. Because of that, it may make sense to use another address (residential address or registered agent address) when opening the account, and then update your address down the road.

If you're having issues updating your billing address, you should still be able to set your mailing address to Stable so that you do not miss any important documents.

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