How do I file the USPS Change of Address?

How to set up automatic mail forwarding from your previous address to your new Stable address

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The USPS Change of Address form automatically forwards your mail from your previous address to your new Stable address. It should be the first step in your change of address process — it will ensure that any mail sent with USPS gets redirected.

It usually takes about a week to process, and once it does, all mail from your previous address will arrive at Stable. We’ll scan and digitize it, so you can manage it online.

Here’s how to file it:

1. Go to the USPS change of address site.

2. Fill in all fields about your previous address.

3. When typing in your new Stable address and noting the unit number, instead of #, you’ll need to use PMB (private mail box).

For example, your address should be formatted as

2261 Market St PMB 800 instead of“2261 Market St # 800.”

This is a USPS requirement, but note that otherwise your address can be formatted however you’d like (Suite, STE, #, etc).

4. For identity verification reasons, your card's billing address must match either your old business address or your new Stable address.

  • If it doesn’t match either address, you should update the billing address on your card to match your Stable address.

  • You will need to complete this in order to successfully submit your USPS change of address form, so let us know if you’re not able to.

5. You’ll receive a confirmation via email about the address change. Keep that confirmation email, because it has a confirmation code you’ll need if you ever want to update your change of address.

Once the change of address processes, you’ll see a yellow sticker on every piece of mail that was forwarded.

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