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What is the USPS 1583 form?

A USPS 1583 is a legally required form that gives us permission to handle mail under your name. It does not change your address.

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A USPS 1583 gives us permission to accept and handle mail under your or your business’s name. We’re required by law to have a signed copy of this form on file in order to ensure that a real person or entity is linked to a Stable mailbox.

Basically, this form proves that nobody is pretending to be you to view your mail, so that we know that you've given us permission to handle your mail.

The first part of the form will ask for your company's current address, which should be in the US. For this part, if you're international, use your new Stable address for this field.

It only takes about 5 minutes and you can use an ID or proof of address from any country.

The 1583 does not forward your mail or set up a change of address — that is a separate process, and if you'd like to get started on that, instructions will appear as soon as the 1583 is completed.

We do not share the information on the USPS 1583 with any entities other than USPS (for their audit purposes), so the information you provide will not be used for taxes/ compliance etc.

Typically, you would need to fill this out yourself and get it notarized. When you set up a Stable address, we’ll prefill this form for you and verify your identity in a few easy steps, so all you need to do is answer a few questions! The whole process should take about 5 minutes or less, and the blue banner in your Stable Dashboard will prompt you to get started.

Information we'll ask from you to fill this out:

  • Your current address

    • If you don't have a previous address, you can use your new Stable address for this part.

  • State, county, and date of company registration

    • If you're not yet incorporated, put your estimated future incorporation date

  • Identity verification information from a company officer

  • A signature from the company officer whose IDs were submitted

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